Through the study of God's Word and opportunities for discussion and prayer, Christians can grow in their personal faith and understanding. We take great joy in sharing our faith.

BBX Series A series of workshops in 2019 of relevant interest to those in the Baby Boomer/Gen X demographic

     Tasty Nutrition!  A Hands-On Experience Fusing Flavor with Nutrition
     Saturday, July 13  +  2:00 p.m.
     at Calvin Presbyterian Church
     RSVP Required by July 5!
      Chef Mat Shalenko is a health coach and professional chef, teaching classes at Cooking at the Cottage
      and UofL, and for neighborhood groups and private clients.  He trained in culinary arts at Sullivan
      University and has been a professional chef for more than 15 years.  RSVP by July 5! 

     RSVP by JULY 5!  Call/text 502.896.0303 or email

Sunday Adult Education for June

"Where Faith and Trauma Meet"
We welcome Bob Johnson back as our series leader! This class will delve into five Biblical examples of God's people facing and overcoming personal trauma, and how those lessons learned can be applied to our personal times of trial. We'll explore the stories of:  Paul's thorn in the flesh, Job's tragedies, Jeremiah's lament, Nahum's prophecy of destruction, and the Passion of our Lord.