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Calvin Presbyterian Church

Sunday Worship at 1:30 PM   |  All are welcome to attend
Masks are optional

After 65 years of ministry and witness to Jesus Christ, the congregation of Calvin Presbyterian Church voted to dissolve our corporate ministry in June 2022.

A Closing Service of Worship and Remembrance will be held on Sunday, June 12 at 1:30 pm.  This will be the final corporate gathering of Calvin Presbyterian Church.  All are invited to be a part of this celebration of the Lord's faithfulness to our congregation!  

While the worshiping community will disperse to other congregations, Calvin Church's dedication to mission and service will continue:  The Calvin Academy of Music and the Sensory Mitt Ministry will continue in new locations, becoming integral parts of other churches' ministries.  Another church will serve as the drop-off location for God's Littlest Angels.  And Calvin Chapel at Cedar Ridge Camp will hold many of our sanctuary furnishings.  These plans are still in progress; we will announce details in the very near future.  And lastly, as God has blessed us generously, legacy endowments will in turn bless the mission efforts of several local and international organizations for years to come.

For all of God's goodness we proclaim:  Thanks be to God!

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